Metal Stud Framing

The Company’s metal stud framing services include cold-formed structural and non-structural steel applications for commercial, multi-family residential and public tenant improvement and core and shell construction projects. All QPS’ project management and field personnel are well-trained, technically experienced, proficient, and responsible. PMs are tasked with ensuring that…

  • projects are adequately staffed and managed against general contractor schedules to ensure sufficient workloads;
  • project personnel are cognizant of the critical path implications of framing portion of the schedule and its ability to enhance the efficiency of other trades;
  • superintendents and foremen closely coordinate and work with the general contractor and other trades to identify, document; and timely resolve issues of constructability, jurisdictional disputes, and scope definition to avoid delays,
  • superintendents and foremen are aware of the importance of identifying any value-engineered recommendations,
  • general contractor concerns/requests are promptly addressed and that lines of communication are closely maintained;
  • project personnel are courteous, professional, and respectful;
  • project personnel are cognizant of, and committed, to safety.

As architects push the envelope with unique wall design and decorative elements, QPS has developed an expertise in the construction of many types of these elements and is capable of addressing any challenge given adequate time and resources.



Drywall Installation & Finishing

QPS provides standard or specialized drywall installation and finishing services to a wide variety of commercial tenant improvement projects. QPS frequently provides Level 5 finish quality for high level corporate/law offices, museums, libraries, high-end retailers, and other projects that demand superior, plaster like results.

The Company has provided drywall installing/ finishing services using all types of drywall over even the most demanding and unforgiving of framing. Our hangers are proficient, expeditious and precise. Our tapers/finishers are similarly skilled and fleet, while providing an artisan-like quality to the final product. Working through time constraints and within and between the work of other trades to “finish” a project all under budget and within schedule is commonplace.

With the expanse of wall surface in most tenant improvement projects, the finish often determines whether an architect’s design makes a statement. QPS helps to ensure this statement is one of professionalism and elegance, regardless of the design.

QPS also provides a variety of exterior sheathing installation and finishing services for core and shell projects.

Drywall Installation & Finishing



Acoustical Tile Ceilings

QPS’ acoustical ceiling services include the installation of suspended acoustical ceilings, adhesively applied ceilings, buffered, and paneled or framed ceilings using a variety of materials and applications (wet pressed mineral fiber, gypsum wall-board, perlite, fiberglass, stretch and fabric-wrapped panels, decorative and non-decorative wood and metal) in standard and specialty commercial projects.

Building noise control consists of sound absorption, the reduction in a space or room’s reverberation to improve clarity of sound and reduce excessive noise, and sound transmission, the reduction of sound’s ability to travel between two spaces whether airborne or structural. Sound absorption can be achieved through acoustically absorbent materials especially in areas where there is a large degree of reverberation (echo).

QPS is knowledgeable of acoustical tile ceiling applications and noise abatement products. The Company has worked with acoustical consultants, architects, and engineers to design the most complex spaces and buildings including libraries, museums, board rooms, gymnasiums, restaurants and religious facilities.




The Company installs or replaces thermal, acoustic, fire and/or impact insulation. Typically, fireproofing services are performed as a specifically requested service by the general contractor on a project where QPS is performing other metal stud framing and drywall installation and finishing services.





Similar to its insulation services, fireproofing services, principally the application of Monokote, is typically provided in projects where the service is specifically requested by the general contractor on a project where QPS is performing other metal stud framing and drywall installation and finishing services




QPS’ exterior plastering services include traditional plaster over metal lath, exterior drywall or another suitable base, exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS), Venetian plaster, decorative plaster, and acrylic-based plaster.



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